Infernal Executioner

Juras rodionovas ue42
Juras rodionovas ue4 v2 2
Juras rodionovas ue44
Juras rodionovas infernal executinoer gif

Animation test I made to try out UE4's cloth simulation and physics driven chains.

Juras rodionovas neutral 01
Juras rodionovas neutral 02
Juras rodionovas zbrush final03

This is my interpolation of a concept by Antonio J. Manzanedo. I explored some of the more techinal possiblities within Unreal Engine 4 when it comes to setting up a game character. All the chains are physics driven and the skirt is simulated in real time using UE4's cloth tools. Environment assets, lighting, rigging and animation was done by me. The project was completed in roughly one month.